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Reward Partners

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Earn rewards every time you shop and use them to pay towards your rent!

At Paylab, we are proud to introduce RentPay as our reward partner. RentPay is designed to enhance the renting experience and empower renters with more ways to pay rent including paying by credit cards, debit cards, PayID and direct debit. RentPay also offers renters that ability to improve their credit scores and offering unique bill smoothing options whilst earning exclusive rewards through Paylab.

About RentPay

RentPay is a simple to use digital account that gives you more control, flexibility, and choice in how you pay rent. RentPay is dedicated to empowering Australia's renting community through technology that enables rent payment method flexibility- including paying your rent via credit cards, debit cards, PayID or direct debits. RentPay has continuously evolved to cater to the unique needs of renters, building a community-driven platform that champions convenience, flexibility, and security.

Join us on this rewarding journey, combining the best of Paylab and RentPay to maximise your savings effortlessly and putting them towards your rent!